Tomcat’s EDGE‐20 Series is ideal for Chemical
Free stripping of most floor finishes and is MADE


200-UHS                               270-UHS
Burnish Path: 20"                    27"
Pad Diameter: 20"                   27"
Burnish Power: 3.0 hp             3.5 hp
Pad Speed: 2000 rpm            1800 rpm
Dimensions: 46" x 22" x 42"    54" x 28" x 42"
Run Time: Up to 3 hrs            Up to 3 hrs
Coverage: 18,000 sq. ft./hr.     25,000 sq. ft./hr.
Traction Power: 0.4 hp            0.4 hp

Model 255                              Model 275
Burnish Path: 20" or 27"           27"
Pad Diameter: 20" or 27"          27"
Burnish Power: 3.5 hp              3.5 hp
Pad Speed: 20": 2000 rpm       1750 rpm
27": 1800 rpm
Dimensions: 54" x 25" x 50"      58" x 30" x 50"
Run Time: Up to 4 hrs               Up to 8 hrs
Coverage: 28,000 sq. ft./hr.       28,000 sq. ft./hr.
Traction Power: 1.0 hp              2.0 hp


200-UHS /270-UHS Burnisher (20")
Look no further if you want the toughest walk
behind battery burnisher built. The high power
motor and expandable battery package offer
superior shine and productivity. The burnisher
deck is completely protected from damage, and
the simple controls make it a favorite of operators.

Spec Sheet

255/275 Burnishers (27")
Have the performance of propane burnisher, with
the convenience of a battery powered rider.
Burnish 27" in a single pass, while the “ACTIVE”
vacuum pulls the dust into our filter. Front wheel
steering and operator foot protection are favorites
among our customers, and the burnisher deck is
completely protected from damage. Our “Uni-
Touch” controls make operator training a snap,
and the run time can be as much as 8 hours on a
single charge.

Spec Sheet